Looking for Awesome Smoothie Recipes?

Well, here we aim to please! If you want quick and easy smoothie recipes, yet at the same time, you want them to be healthfully delicious – then you’re in the right place!

To make smoothie preparations easier and less time consuming, we have put together step-by-step instructions for all of the recipes on this web-site.

You can have fun with the basics or be a little adventuresome and throw in a few of our favorite smoothie additives for extra nutrition, either way it’s still good!

Why are Smoothies such a good Healthy Choice?

This drink option is an excellent choice, because through a smoothie, you are able to consume far more fruits and vegetables then you otherwise would through the Standard American Diet.

The sad truth is most of us do not consume an adequate amount of fresh produce daily, but the good news is that can be fixed, and it can still taste yummy! Typically, a healthy diet contains many different fruits and vegetables in the raw form. What better way to consume them than in the form of a smoothie?

A healthy smoothie contains any type of produce like berries or pineapple to spinach or kale. These antioxidant-rich foods will definitely keep your smoothie interesting!

Smoothie Fun

If you’re wondering why we love smoothies so much, just take a look below – s-m-o-o-t-h-i-e spells it all!



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What People are Saying about Us

"As a veteran smoothie maker, I'm always looking for fun ways to change up the routine and All-smoothie-recipes.com provides the impetus to do just that! The recipes here are tried and true ways to get tasty nutrition FAST! Feeding your body excellent nutrition is so rewarding on all fronts! Thank you for inspiring me!"

- Kristen Elizabeth

"Everyone can benefit from good, solid nutrition and green smoothies are an excellent quick and easy way to do just that! Greens contain one of the strongest molecular structures on the planet. Because this is true, we must chew our greens really, really well to receive the full health benefits they offer.

The modern-man societal advancement? Blenders! Mix up those smoothies (be sure to add your greens) and for an investment of 5 min you can give your body great nutrition that will make your day a better one."

- Kate Parker, ISSA Specialist in Fitness Nutrition (May 2012)

About Some of our Different Smoothie Recipes

Breakfast Smoothie Recipes

It’s important for the first meal of the day to be nutritionally dense. What better way to do that than in a smoothie!

Homemade Breakfast drinks can be made with: fresh fruits, milk, yogurt etc...

Not to mention they are especially convenient if you have to rush off to work or school early in the mornings, and you don’t have a lot of time to spare.

Have a healthy, yummy smoothie for breakfast to ensure you get the nutritious energy you need to last you for the whole day, and then some!

Superfood Smoothie Recipes

We do like to put an emphasis on health because we believe it is important. With our Superfood Recipes we incorporate a level of foods that are high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals - all of which are indispensable to your health.

We know it takes time and effort to put together something healthy.

Which is just the reason we have put together healthy recipes, including superfood smoothie recipes, to cut down on the preparation time so that you can enjoy more time with your family while receiving and enjoying the benefits of a deliciously Healthy Drink!

Berry Smoothie Recipes

Everyone will probably agree that berry smoothies have been the long standing classic, right? Kids love them, period! These healthy, brightly-colored smoothies with their flavorful sensations will have your child asking for more!

Check out our Berry Smoothies and enjoy!

Please take a look around and enjoy yourself! And don’t hesitate to e-mail us through our contact page with any questions!

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The Smoothie Blog
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Why Smoothies?
Why Smoothies? Excellent question! Some smoothies are packed with fat, sugar and calories and some are packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Enjoy this article!
Breakfast Smoothies...Anyone?
Breakfast Smoothies! Can you think of a better way to start your morning than with a deliciously nutritious drink?
Berry Smoothies!!!
It's no secret, berry smoothies have been the long standing classic! There are so many berries that making a new recipe or tweaking the one you have is, well, simple! Enjoy our recipes!
Dessert Smoothies? You Beat!
Dessert Smoothies...yummy! Here you will find anything from a pumpkin smoothie to a peppermint smoothie. Check out our recipes and enjoy!
Diet Smoothies
Who says dieting has to be hard? Diet smoothies can be yummy too! Now, here on this website we like to take a little different spin on things when it comes to dieting. Check out our recipes!
The “All Time Favorite” Chocolate Smoothies
Let’s get right down to the main issue… there are a lot of smoothies out there, but chocolate smoothies are naturally, the all time favorite – without a doubt! Enjoy our smoothie recipes!
Tropical Smoothies? Nothing can Beat it!
Are you ready for taste some tropical smoothies that are just bursting with flavor? Well look no farther! We have recipes that scream tropical delight! Check out our recipes and enjoy!
Easy Smoothie Recipes for Kids
Everyone one wants quick and easy recipes, right? Well, there is such a thing as: easy smoothie recipes!!! Check out our recipes and enjoy!
Fresh Juice Smoothies
Oh yes, we kill two birds with one stone with fresh juice smoothies! Instead of fresh juice vs. smoothies, this page is all about combining the two. Enjoy our smoothie recipes!
Fruit Smoothies Galore!
Who doesn’t love good old fashion Fruit Smoothies? During the hot summer months there is nothing better than a smoothie made with – you guessed it- fresh fruit! Check out our recipes and enjoy!
The Green Smoothie Page
Got Green Smoothie? Well, here we have quick and easy yet yummy and delicious recipes. Learn more about health and nutrition and have fun making yummy and scrumptious smoothies!!!
Healthy Smoothies
Healthy Smoothies! Now don’t turn your nose up at them just yet. We’ve got some recipes to show you. Healthy drinks when made right can be yummy and delicious. Try these recipes you’ll love them!
Protein Smoothies
Are you looking for good protein smoothies? Well, here you find protein recipes with all different flavors! Enjoy!
Superfood Products...Why Use Them?
Superfood products: are foods that specialize in a (very) high vitamin, mineral, phytonutrients and antioxidant content (hence called a superfood). Learn more about superfoods and enjoy this article!
Chia Seeds - The Ultimate Superfood
If you enjoy the nutlike taste or flavor, than you will fall in love with chia seeds! They are considered one of the top recommended superfoods: it is nutrient dense, and just loaded with good protein
Chlorella and Spirulina – Raw Food at Work
Both Chlorella and Spirulina are considered superfoods because the nutrients they contain are easily absorbed by the body. Enjoy this article.
Flax Seeds and their Health Benefits
Flax seeds are a good source of Omega 3 - which is the healthy fat found in every cell in your body, and they are what you would consider a “vegetarian source” of fat. Enjoy this article.
The Benefts of Goji Berries - An Antioxidant Packed Superfood!
The health benefits of goji berries are quite numerous, but few people know about them. However, their popularity is growing strong! Check out our article about goji's and enjoy.
What do Hemp Seeds are to Offer?
Hemp Seeds are amazing! Once you discover the ends and outs of this superfood you will always want to keep it in stock! Learn more about this little seeds here!
Maca Root – The Superfood with Amazing Benefits
Maca root is a whole food that is extremely nutrient-dense just packed with vitamins, essential minerals, healthy fats and amino acids. Enjoy this article
Health Benefits of Antioxidants and a List of FAQs
Do you ever wonder what the health benefits of antioxidants are? Do you have antioxidant questions like… Let's find the answers to these questions!
Amazing Coconut Oil Benefits
You’d be surprised at the many coconut oil benefits there are! We love to put this oil into our smoothies as a thickening agent! Check out our page and enjoy!
What are Enzymes?
This is an excellent question? We all have them, and know the help us, but really, what are enzymes? This article, we hope, will answer all your questions and then some! Let's get started!
The Best Blenders
What are the best blenders out there? Well, glad you asked! There really are only two blenders worth your money...and they are the Vitamix and the BlendTec. Both are excellent machines - enjoy!
A Fantastic Blender for Smoothies
Well, this isn’t just another blender for smoothies – it’s for the people who take their “smoothies making” seriously! We hope you find this article informative.
Best Blenders for Smoothies? VitaMix?
You want one of the Best Blenders for Smoothies? Well, look no farther. VitaMix is trustworthy, reliable brand that has been around for years. Investigate this blender – you won’t regret it!
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