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Vegetable Smoothie Recipes

Vegetable smoothie recipes ROCK! Who says fruit has to be the staple of a smoothie? You can easily “up” your intake of vegetables with these smoothie recipes! Have fun!

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About Guava Fruit

Ok, we know guava fruit is a little on the exotic side, but it is really delicious! Most people are not very familiar with this type of fruit, so first of all: what is a Guava Fruit?

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Coconut Water Smoothies? Absolutely!

What could be more refreshing than a nice cool glass of coconut water? It’s delicious, refreshing and healthy! Check out our free smoothie recipes and enjoy!

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Low Calorie Smoothies! Oh Yeah!

Perk up your day with one of these low calorie smoothies! Yes, they are delicious! Check out our yummy free smoothie recipes and enjoy!

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Low Fat Smoothies – YUM!

Low fat smoothies? Oh, yes! We had so much fun putting together these smoothie recipes. Check them out and enjoy!

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Diet Smoothies

Who says dieting has to be hard? Diet smoothies can be yummy too! Now, here on this website we like to take a little different spin on things when it comes to dieting. Check out our recipes!

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Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Are oils bad for you? What about the health benefits of coconut oil? Let's check it out and while we're at it have some fun with our smoothie recipes!

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Pina Colada Smoothie Recipes

How about a Pina Colada Smoothie for a nice summer snack? Sounds delicious! Check out our yummy smoothie recipes and enjoy!

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Honey Smoothie! It’s so Irresistible!

Honey Smoothie Recipes! Oh yes, delicious! If you have a smoothie that needs a little help, add a touch of honey to your blender and that will definitely brighten it up!

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Coconut Oil Benefits! Oh Yeah!

It’s no small thing when it comes to coconut oil benefits! Oh, no! This oil offers many wonderful benefits to the body ranging from small to large. Let’s check it out below!

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