Almond Milk for Smoothies

If you're not familiar with almond milk then this probably sounds a little strange to you. But bare with us - it’s really not that bad!

Almond Breeze is a great alternative for people who have dairy or lactose in-tolerances. If you want to enjoy a nice thick smoothie only minus the dairy/lactose?

Well, problem solved….Almonds!

Where does Almond Milk come from and How is it Made?

The process: this milk is made by mixing ground almonds with water, next you strain it to remove the sediment and the almond skins. What is strained, is the pure almond milk. YUMMY!

Almond Milk vs. Cow’s Milk

First of all most people don’t realize that there are other options besides cows milk (or soy milk etc…) So, we were excited to bring to the surface another option that is just as delicious and nutritious (if not more) as the norm!

Nutritional Value

Cow’s milk - packs a lot of punch when it comes to nutrients. It contains vitamins such as D, A, B, for only a cup of cow's milk. Most people drink it for its calcium content. For the dieting population, most will drink fat-free cows milk, but it still contains more fat than milk made from almonds.

Almond Milk - is a great source of vitamin D as well as manganese and selenium. It is also loaded with lots of protein…here’s the ratio: 10 almonds have the same amount of protein as does a ½ lb of animal meat. WOW! So yes there is plenty of protein in almonds.

Milk made from almonds boasts the lactose free composition because it is plant based. This allows people who have intolerances to lactose/dairy to obtain vitamins, minerals and calcium without the horrific side effects like stomach cramps, bloating headaches….etc….that comes from eating or drinking something you are intolerant or allergic too, in this case it being cow’s milk.

*however, those with tree nut allergies should avoid almond-milk because it could elicit allergic reactions

Can I use Almond Milk in Cooking?

Yes, you can easily substitute cow’s milk for almond breeze in just about anything. It works very well in casseroles and other dishes and most of the time you'll never know the difference.

Whether you are using it for mac and cheese or cereal, yes, it will blend nicely!

Almond Breeze Products

Almond Milk

Our favorite product is Blue Diamond Almond Breeze. We have used them for years and would recommend them to anyone!

They offer three flavors of this awesome milk, all of which we have used and love, they are:: Original Unsweetened, Vanilla and Original.

Original Unsweetened : Offers...

• 40 calories per serving and

• it is an excellent source calcium

• with added vitamins and minerals.

This particular one is unsweeneted with a low glycemic index so if you prefer a sweeter taste give the Vanilla Flavored Milk a try.

This one is one of our favorite's!

Vanilla : This one offers

• 90 calories per serving

• also an excellent source of calcium

• with added vitamins and minerals

• contains no saturated fat or cholesterol

This is a great choice if you enjoy a sweeter milk or if you want to sweeten your smoothie without adding refined sugar, this is a great option for that!

Original : Now this one is the Plain-Jane of the group, just good old regular original almond breeze. The Original offers:

• 60 calories per serving and is also a good source of

• Calcium

• Vitamin D, E and A

And the best part about almond breeze is that all of their milk is made from real almonds.

Their milk is Soy free and Lactose free they contain no saturated fats or cholesterol and most importantly it's made by the Almond People with Love! We love Blue Diamond Almonds!

For more info check out the Almond Breeze website! Have fun!

*milk made from almonds is not for infants

Almond Breeze Smoothies?

Absolutely, you know us, we’ll try anything! With delicious almond breeze smoothies the great thing is: you can use it the same way you would cow’s milk.

Whatever ingredients you put in your cow’s milk smoothie put in your (now) almond breeze milk smoothie. All you do is substitute milk for milk!

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