The Basic Smoothie Recipe that Everyone needs to Know

A basic smoothie recipes is a must have! When you're in the kitchen needing a quick snack, you will definalty need the basic, and a smoothie! Here we'll teach you how to make smoothies the healthy way and the yummy way!

Once you get the hang of it, you can start branching out and developing your own smoothie flare!

Remember, the sky's the limit - give it a try and you'll be surprised!

How to Make Smoothies

Here is the rundown of a basic smoothie recipe that can be improvised to make it your own!

Part 1: Liquid

Depending on how much smoothie you want. You can start off with 1 cup of liquid, and this can any of the following:

  • Juice
  • Water
  • Milk
  • Almond Milk (if you are dairy intolerant, is a great alternative)

Part 2: Fruits & Vegetables

You will need something solid. Fruit and vegetables are a great healthy option. Any type pf fruit will due nicley, but a few of our favorites are:

If this is your first time adding vegetables to your smoothie, be sure to choose one with a more mild taste/flavor. A few of our favorites are:

These three greens are very nutrient-dense, but fairly mild in taste. Throw a banana or some berries in your blender and you won't be able to taste the greens.

Part 3: Ice

Ice is the way to go, you can't have a proper concoction without ice - it defiantly has the potential to give your smoothie that twist you've been looking for.

If the first time you make a healthy smoothie doesn't turn out, if it just doesn't have that "bling" it should, then add a cup of ice - you'd be surprised, it does wonders!

However, if you are using frozen fruits in your smoothie, ice may not be necessary - the frozen fruits take the place of the ice!

Part 4: Powder

Part 4 & 5 are actually optional, you can make an absolutely delicious smoothie with parts 1, 2 & 3! But parts 4 & 5 will add another level to your smoothie.

If you wish to increase your protein intake, and if your looking for good wholesome protein powders - check out the ones below for your enjoyment!

Vega Protein Powder – this is a clean plant-based protein with good wholesome nutrition. Natural, quality ingredients will keep you healthy active lifestyle yummy.

Vega has many different types of protein powder, (sport protein, and protein one) but for everyday life we use the Vega ONE which comes in all different flavors. (our favorite is chocolate)

Sun Warrior Protein Powder – with supergreens and active vitamins and minerals this protein powder is a great raw organic option that taste delicious but will also give you energy. Sun Warrior has two options as well; they have a warrior blend and a superfood protein. We have used both and think they make equally great protein smoothies.

Part: 5 Other Additives

If you're looking for some good superfood additives, we use these products all the time and absolutely love them!

Goji Berries are a great way to turn your already healthy smoothie into an antioxidant packed smoothie.

Flax Seed Oil is a good source of healthy omega 3 fatty acids. Just a tablespoon of flax seed oil or flax powder to your smoothie will give the omega 3’s a leg-up.

Chia Seeds are an excellent source of dietary fiber. You will probably want to soak them a bit, before adding them to your smoothie, to soften them up. Chia contains: fiber, protein as well as essential fatty acids.

Hemp Seeds or powder are also an excellent source of protein. It’s said that hemp contains almost all of the essential vitamins and minerals the body contain in just one little seed.

How to Blend

Now for the fun part! When you blend it all up, you will want first want the liquid to fully circulate in your blender.

Then if you're using frozen fruits - they go next. NExt add whatever fresh fruits or veggies, protein powders or superfood additives - and blend away!

And there you have it the Basic Smoothie Recipe! basic smoothie recipe

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