A Blender for Smoothies...Another One?

Well, this isn’t just another blender for smoothies – it’s for the people who take their “smoothies making” seriously!

The BlendTec Blender is a high powered machine with 13 amps/1560 watts.

This is a very powerful machine that can do a great good at blending just about anything.

It’s also nice because it is a very manageable size at 15.5 inches high it will fit under most counters and doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Jar Options

The most common is the 2 qt four sided jar, and has a 2 pronged stainless steel blades included in with the jar.

So, essentially the jar and the blade are one piece.

That’s great, hassle free!

What about dry Blending?

Yes, the BlendTec will grind anything from

- grains

- seeds

- coffee

- ice

You name it!

Are the button options good and is it easy to Clean?

Yes, one of the nice features about the machine is that it will automatically shut off after a maximum of 50 seconds of continuous blending – or it will shut off after the programmed cycle you choose has ended.

Yes it is easy to cleans actually the buttons are what makes it easy.

They are flat so when you are ready to clean the base of your BlendTec - just take a cloth and wipe over the buttons, and PRESTO - done!

No groves or little places that are hard to get too.

And to clean the jar just fill it half way with warm to hot water (and soap if desired) blend it for a minute – and that should do it!

Speed Options

When picking out a blender for smoothies the speed options are important too.

With the BlendTec it is quite simple - there are 10 steps than a pulse if you desire.

7 Year Warranty

And the best thing about this package is that it comes with a 7 year warranty!

They have a great reputation for honoring their warranties without hassle.

If you want to invest in this blender click on the link below to get started:

BlendTec Blenders

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