Chia Seed Health Benefits – In Detail

Chia seed is one of our most favorite superfoods, known to many as the “ultimate superfood” for its beneficial properties that it contains. You probably won’t think this little seed to be much, but really, it packs a big punch in the ring of nutrition!

What is Chia?

Before we get started let’s understand what chia is. Chia is a small seed that is usually brownish to whitish in color.

This seed is normally grown in hot climates such as: Ecuador, Guatemala etc…

Chia can be used in many dishes, but we eaten raw their excellent sources of omega 3 and dietary fibers come to life!

Overall Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

Improved digestion – guess what has loads of fiber and is gluten free as well as dairy free? You guessed it – CHIA! The soluble fiber that comes from the gel action of the seed helps to hydrate the colon as well as move the food through the intestines. Chia can be very smoothing to people with bowel disorders.

Energy Boost – your levels of energy have a lot to do with what you put inside yourself. This amazing little seed is considered one of the highest plant based forms of protein there is, next to hemp! Usually high protein foods come loaded with omega 6’s, but not this baby – chia is quite the opposite being an excellent source of omega 3’s.

Chia helps to Maintain a Healthy Weight

Cook with less Fat – you love to make recipes that contain butter and different types of oils, right? Everybody does, but the thing is "a little butter on the lips is forever on the hips" - (just a little saying we enjoy.)

But on the bright side, for most of your favorite recipes you can substitute up to half the butter with chia gel, and the food you bake will taste the same! Check out how to make chia gel below.

How to make Chia Gel:

You will need: 1/3 chia seeds and 2 cups water. Pour your seeds in the water into a glass jar with a sealable-lid, a mason jar will do perfectly. Once your chia is in the water, close the lid tightly and shake it up gently for a few seconds, then allow the jar to sit for 10 minutes (or longer). Once the time is up, stir the contents in the jar and they’re ready to use.

You can use chia gel as a substitute for a least half the butter in most recipes. So, if a recipe call for 1 stick of butter (which is 8 tbsp) divide it half, which would be 4 tbsp of chia gel for that recipe.

Stay Fuller for Longer – chia is any dieter’s dream. Because of their high fiber content they leave you feeling fuller for longer. When submerged in liquids chia expands (soak you seeds before you eat them) and the fiber comes alive.

Because chia expands when soaked in water they fill up your stomach quicker (without the extra calories) while at the same time your digestive tract gets the benefit of extracting the many nutrients this seed has to offer.

Helps cut Cravings – not all of the time, but some of the time our cravings of the result that our bodies are deficient in certain vitamins and minerals. If you happen to crave cheese or other dairy products (like ice cream) this could indicate low calcium levels. (always consult your doctor before self diagnosing yourself)

But if you feel like you need more calcium, consuming it in the form of food is safe, and by weight chia seeds has more calcium than milk…WOW! Curb your out of control cravings by restoring the vitamins, minerals etc… that your body needs.

Chia Seed Smoothies

Chia can add a whole new dimension to your smoothie.

The gel action of the chia releases the fiber content as well as thickens up your smoothie! If you add a few you won’t be able to taste them, if you choose to add some more you might run across a slight nutty flavor which most people enjoy!

Enjoy our Chia-Seed Smoothie Recipes

What we Recommend

Chia Seeds

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