Chocolate Smoothies ... The All Time Favorite!

Let’s get right down to the main issue… chocolate smoothies, are naturally the all time favorite – without a doubt! Yummy and delicious, but can a chocolate smoothie be healthy too?

Let’s find out below:

Where Does Chocolate Come From?

Chocolate comes from a cacao tree, a tropical tree that grows near equator, native to the American tropical rainforest.

The process of making chocolate begins by harvesting cacao pods, sending them to a manufacturer, from there the pods are split open to reveal the cacao bean.

They are then leaf to ferment for a few days (without this process the beans would be far too bitter). After the fermenting process the beans are then roasted and turned into “nibs”.

The nibs are then grounded into liquid, also known as chocolate liquor, that smells like your conventional chocolate. So basically what has happened, is they have taken cacao and turned it into cocoa.

For more information see: What is Cacao?

What Kind of Chocolate do you use in your Smoothies?

We like to use raw cacao (ka-KOW) in our smoothies. Now, you might ask: why cacao powder and not some conventional form of chocolate? Excellent question.

We like it because raw cacao is one of the highest sources of antioxidant’s there is, even beating out green tea and wine for their antioxidant content. It’s easy to use, delicious, and most importantly…it’s healthy! Nothing like raw chocolate in a smoothie!

All Raw Cacao Powder Smoothie Recipes


Oh yes! Life isn’t complete without a delicious chocolate concoction! Anything from strawberry to banana, these creamy chocolate recipes are one of a kind.

Check them out below and enjoy!

Chocolate Strawberry Smoothie

Chocolate Banana Smoothie

Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie

How to Make my Chocolate-Smoothie Thick?

This is an important one! Gotta have the right consistency for your dessert smoothie – it’s a must! We can’t have one of those slightly runny smoothies…oh no, so let’s make it nice and thick to give it that really awesome consistency.

Below are some classic ingredients that will do the job well:

Ice – classic! The all-time favorite is ice – a half cup will usually do the trick.

Peanut Butter – yes, this is a wonderful addition! A tablespoon of PB will thicken up a smoothie in no time, but just before you add your peanut butter make sure that your smoothie contains ingredients that mix well with PB such as: bananas, apples, celery and of course chocolate, etc…

Yogurt – this is a great option too! Yogurt has a creamy consistency that works very nicely in a smoothie.

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