Coconut Oil for Hair to Give it that Natural Glow

It comes as a surprise to most, but coconut oil for hair really is AWESOME!

It is actually one of the most common ingredients found on the back of shampoo and conditioner bottles, and naturally so.

Using coconut oil for hair has benefits such as: hair strength, adds to its shininess, and helps to prevent breakage.

Scalp Problems? Coconut Oil’s Fatty Acids can Help

Coconut Oil’s high moisture content is very helpful in aiding in the relief of dandruff (which is small pieces of dead skin on one’s scalp) By mixing coconut oil with shampoo the medium chain fatty acids (in the coconut oil) help to nourish the scalp as well as clean it.

Coconut Oil is known as one of the best natural moisturizers for hair, scalp and even skin. If used as a hair conditioner this type of oil provides the essential proteins necessary to nourish dry and brittle (hair) ends thus promoting healthy hair growth – not to mention this option is far healthier than any other synthetic product on the market today.

*coconut oil is very effective as a conditioner, so effective - that you don’t have to use it every day. If you use it too often it can result in greasy hair – if this starts to happen, just cut back a little.

Coconut Oil for Hair – Nutrients

This particular oil contains quite a bit of "vitamin “E”. Those who know a little bit about supplements know that vitamin E is essential in moisturizing any part of the body. The vitamin E in coconut oil keeps the scalp soft and restores moisture to those dry ends.

Coconut oil is the only Lauric Acid source available (other than a mother’s milk) this is a fatty acid that contains nourishing proteins to the hair shaft – thus making it an excellent conditioner.

We all have our favorite shampoos and conditioners, but if you have one you don’t want to give up you can easily mix a little coconut oil in the bottle and still get to use your favorites as well as receiving the benefits of coconut oil.

What we Recommend

There are several wonderful organic coconut products to choose from. Three of our favorite and most trusted brands are listed below:

  1. Jarrow Formulas Oil
  2. Garden of Life’s Oil
  3. Nutiva’s Oil

Each one of these would be a quality buy because they are each organic and 100% coconut oil, but we are fond of the Nutiva Brand although we have used all three of them.

More Options

Now, of course these are not the only options available, if you want a wider selection and want to do some shopping around checkout iHerb’s Coconut Store. Here you will have numerous name-brand products at a discount price. Check out the benefits of buying from below:

  • Selection – you can browse over 19,000 different products many of which include name-brands
  • Best Prices – as much as 30% to 50% off of most name-brand products
  • Customer Service – fantastic customer service with phone or live chats

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