Coconut Oil for Skin = Moisture, here we come!

Honestly, coconut oil for skin is one of the best things you can do for your outer layer. Coconut Oil is rich in proteins, and when applied to the skin, they keep it rejuvenated and looking fine! Coconut oil certainly tops the other oils when it comes to skin, hair, cooking, smoothies, you name it.

Coconut Oil as a Moisturizer

For soft, supple skin, take a little in your hand and rub wherever! Especially during the winter months when everything is naturally dryer, dry skin, dry lips – coconut oil to the rescue leaves happy and naturally soft. When applying this oil on your body, be sure to rub it in well and wipe off the access, you don’t want it all over your clothes.

The Benefits of Coconut Oil for the Skin…Explained!

If you want to know if something will benefit you health-wise then look at what it contains, then look at what vitamins, minerals and antioxidants it contains. That is what we will do below for coconut oil.

Fatty Acids – when applied to the skin the medium chain fatty acids have the ability to help prevent microbial infections, due to the antimicrobial, disinfectant properties these fatty acids contain.

Vitamin E – Nutrient dense moisture is essential for repair, smoothness, protection against free radical damage and wrinkle prevention. Vitamin E does just that.

Protein – when you use coconut oil, the proteins it contains will help to keep your skin health whether you consume the oil (in a smoothie) or apply it topically – either way your skin will still benefit from the many proteins coconut oil contains.

Lauric Acid – is a fatty acid (mentioned above) but we love this particular one for its strong disinfectant antimicrobial properties. These properties protect the skin from microbial infections. You can benefit from the microbial protection even if only taken internally; it does this by boosting the immune system.

Coconut Oil for Skin – as a Deodorant?

Yes, some people to use Coconut Oil as a deodorant. It works like this: the oil kills odor-causing bacteria through its lauric acid. Traditional deodorants contain ingredients that can potentially be hazardous. They try to get the body to stop sweating and remember, sweating (we emitted, it’s gross) it’s still natural. Sweating is how the body releases toxins – and you can imagine what happens when you force toxins to stay in the body.

You can use just a dab of coconut oil and use it just like any other deodorant.

What we Recommend

There are several wonderful organic coconut products to choose three of our favorite and most trusted brands are listed below:

  1. Jarrow Formulas Oil
  2. Garden of Life’s Oil
  3. Nutiva’s Oil

Each one of these would be a quality buy because they are each organic and 100% coconut oil, but we are fond of the Nutiva Brand although we are fond of all three.

More Options

Now of course these are not the only options available, if you want a wider selection and want to do some shopping around checkout iHerb’s Coconut Store. Here you will have numerous name-brand products at a discount. Check out the benefits of buying from below:

  • Selection – you can browse over 19,000 different products many of which include name-brands
  • Best Prices – as much as 30% to 50% off of most name-brand products
  • Customer Service – fantastic customer service with phone or live chats

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