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Cucumber smoothie recipes are quick, easy, refreshing and flavorful. They have a very mild taste to them that can be easily dominated by another fruit, which is good, because you can just throw in an apple, orange etc... in your blender with the cucumber and you'll have a fruity tasting smoothie!

That’s what we love about mild greens; they are easy to hide!

What Fruits will Blend well with Cucumbers?

Because cucumbers have a high water content (which is really good) they work best in a smoothie when blended with a more solid/creamy fruit such as a banana!

Bananas are pretty much a classic; they go with just about anything. Apples is another favorite and will blend well with cucumbers as well as mangoes….

We know it’s an interesting combination (mangoes and cucumbers) but actually mangoes act like a banana does; it’s a thickening agent as well as a flavoring agent!

Just have fun with it; add a little of this and a little of that. Remember the sky’s the limit

The Health Benefits of Cucumber

Cucumbers extremely high in water and low in calories. The water content in a cucumber is 96% thus making it one of the most hydrating vegetables there are!

Next to tomatoes and cabbage, cucumbers are one of the most widely cultivated vegetable in the world. They are incorporated into almost every type of cuisine.

So let’s take a look at some of the health benefits of cucumber:

Hydration – like we said earlier, cucumbers are 96% water, and their water content being more nutritious than regular water. Eating cucumbers helps to keep the body hydrated as well as replenishing it with the vitamins and minerals that it contains.

A few being

• Vitamin K

• Vitamin C

• Vitamin B5

• Vitamin A

• Potassium

• Magnesium

Skin Care – because of its high water content cucumber juice is often juice in facial masks for skin tightening, and it is also used for sunburn relief

Antioxidant & Anti Inflammatory – cucumbers contain the antioxidants: vitamin C, beta-carotene and manganese. These are anti-inflammatory agents that may aid in the reduction of inflammation

Aid in Digestion – the dietary fiber in the cucumber is very effective in driving way toxins from the digestive tract. Fresh juiced cucumber’s may cut down acidity such as heartburn and can even be refreshing to ulcers

Enjoy the health benefits of cucumber in our smoothie recipes!

How to Select Cucumbers

When selecting cucumbers, they should be firm and rounded at the edges. Stay away from the soft, puffy, yellow looking ones, and keep an eye on the tips, because sometimes they'lll be sunken in or rotting from the inside out.

Some of the conventionally grown cucumbers are heavily waxed (to make shinny) so that they will maintain their freshness for longer. But the wax they use does contain toxins that are not beneficial to your body so if you're not buying local farm fresh produce, be sure to wash them thoroughly.

Produce Wash

What's a good produce wash?

Excellent question!

One vegetable (or fruit) wash that we use all the time is called Citrus Magic, Veggie Wash .

This one is definitely one of our favorite veggie washes. It effectively removes agricultural chemicals and wax found on produce and leaves it clean.

The ingredients are 100% natural, including things from citrus, coconut and corn.

(Read the back of the label for more detail)

Cucumber Smoothie Recipes

Yummy Smoothie

1 cucumber

2 cups fresh baby spinach

2 pears (seeded)

½ cup water

1 tbsp flax seed oil

Ice as needed


Blend in your blender until smooth and enjoy!

Cucumber and Melon Smoothie

½ ripe cantaloupe

1 cucumber

1 cup watermelon

1 tsp lime juice

1 cup leafy green (spinach or kale)

1 cup water

Ice as needed


Blend in your blender until smooth and enjoy!

Yogurt Cucumber Smoothie

6 oz yogurt

1 cucumber

1 tbsp honey

1 ½ tbsp lime juice

3 mint leaves (or more to taste)

½ cup almond milk

1 cup ice – and more if needed


Blend in your blender until smooth and enjoy!

The Amazing Cucumber Pineapple Smoothie

1 cup freshly cut pineapple

½ cup fresh raspberries

1 kale leaf

½ cucumber

Ice as needed

Also add a little water or almond milk if needed


Blend in your blender until smooth and enjoy!

Blueberry Cucumber Smoothie

1 cucumber

1 cup yogurt

1 cup frozen blueberries

1 tbsp honey

1 tbsp lemon juice

Ice as needed


Blend in your blender until smooth and enjoy!

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