Dessert Smoothies? You Beat!

Yes, even All-Smoothie-Recipes has dessert smoothies! Now, you might be thinking “I thought this was a healthy website their not supposed to have dessert concoctions....

Yep, guilty as charged, we’ve caved, but in a good way! These smoothie recipes are different in our own” healthy sort of way”! Everybody loves dessert no matter how old you are. So you want a healthy dessert smoothie that tastes like the Real McCoy, right? Absolutely!

Unlike most dessert recipes that are generally packed with fat, sugar and many unwanted calories, these recipes will give you a deliciously yummy dessert (or party smoothie) just without the unwanted fat and sugar – how much better can it get!

Combinations that will make your Smoothie Taste like a Delicious Dessert Delight

Bananas and Cacao Powder – for all you chocolate lovers out there, this smoothie combination is for you! Raw chocolate is the best! Full of antioxidants cacao powder is actually considered to be a nutrient dense superfood. By mixing chocolate with bananas you will get the desired sweet/richness to your concoction that everybody wants.

Limes and Avocados – avocados are a great thickening agent mix, with lime it cancels out the bitterness effect that they tend to carry with them. You can easily turn this yummy combination into a key lime smoothie with just a few more additives.

Apples and Pumpkin – this combination makes a great thanksgiving smoothie. Pumpkin is very creamy and carries a lot of flavor when you mix apples with it, it’ll add just a hint of sweetness to the smoothie.

Mint Leaves and Chocolate – any mint lovers around? This is a great combination! Throw a banana in there to get the creamy base you want, add your mint and chocolate, and you’ll have a "mint chocolate bomb" on your hands – delicious!

Can you make a Dessert Smoothie taste Good without Refined Sugar?

Yes you can! The key to making anything is naturally sweet has everything to do with the ingredients you put in your blender.

When you whip up a dessert smoothie be sure to pick out fruits and smoothie additives that contain strong flavors that will bounce off of each other and work together to give you sort of a holiday tasting smoothie.

So, yes some people think its crazy, but you can make a delicious smoothie without all the extra unwanted fat, sugar and calories – and it will still taste GOOD!

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Natural Sweeteners to add to my Smoothie

Honey – a little bit goes a long way! Honey is a natural sweetener that can do wonders for any smoothie. If you have a drink that's a little on the bitter side add a tablespoon of honey to your blender and that should take care of it.

Bananas – these are famous for their amazing texture. Not only are they creamy, but incredibly sweet, and when mixed with certain other ingredients their sweetness comes alive.

Stevia – this is a plant that is naturally sweet. People often use it to sweeten their coffee or use it to make sweet tea, but it also works well in smoothies, too!

Smoothie Thickeners for Dessert Concoctions

If your smoothie is a little on the runny side; well, we can’t have that! So let’s make it nice and thick to give it that really awesome consistency.

Below are some classic ingredients that will do the job well:

Ice – classic! The all-time favorite is ice – a half cup will usually do the trick.

Peanut Butter – yes, this is a wonderful addition! A tablespoon of PB will thicken up a smoothie in no time, but just before you add your peanut butter make sure that your smoothie contains ingredients that will mix well with PB such as: bananas, apples, celery etc…

Yogurt – this is a great option too! Yogurt has a creamy consistency that works very nicely in a smoothie.

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