Diet Smoothies

Who says dieting has to be hard? Diet smoothies can be yummy too! Now, here on this website we like to take a little different spin on things when it comes to dieting.

Rather than starving yourself to be “skinny” feed your body good nutrition, work out, make wise choices – it is the best way to achieve your perfect weight.  Disciple is hard, but it’s worth it!

The Purpose of Dieting

Our take on dieting is different. Rather than the focus being on “skinny” we think the focus should be on being “healthy”. Making healthy, disciplined choices are both essential components when it comes to weight.

Eat right and workout! You can do it! When your body is hungry it needs good nutrition not junk food – big difference!

Don't make “eating healthy” just a diet, make it a life style and your body will love you for it. Feed your body good nutrition, workout, take care of it, and your hard work will show!

10 Reasons to Add “Healthy” (Green) Smoothies to your Diet

1)      Easy to Digest – eating raw is good for you, but can be challenging to the digestive tract, but not in a smoothie. In a smoothie, raw fruits and vegetables are blended up to a pulp, which makes it easier for the stomach to digest; because the hard work is already done!

2)      Alkaline – greens are the highest alkaline forming foods out there. Eat lots of them!!!!!

3)      Fiber – not only do you get lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in a smoothie, but you get plenty of fiber. Fiber is important for the proper elimination of harmful toxins, pushing them out of the colon.

4)      You get more nutrients – any time you blend up greens it releases more nutrients. When you do this, your body does not have to work as hard to break down the vegetables because the blender already did it. And for that reason your body can just focus on extracting the nutrients rather than trying to break down the produce.

5)      Quick & Easy – yep, that’s right! Throw in a little bit of this and a little bit of that and presto – done!

6)      Highly Nutritious – well blended green smoothies are extremely nutritious; because the cell walls of the vegetables are already broken down. Because the cell walls are already broken down it makes it that much easier for the body to soak up the nutrients.

7)      More Live Foods – with smoothies it is so easy to just throw in fresh produce! The more “live” foods the better!

8)      Chlorophyll Rich – most all greens contain chlorophyll, which is the pigment in the green plants that gives them their color. This green pigment works within the plant, allowing it to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, and water into glucose; thus producing energy! The bottom line is: greens are important!

9)      Helps Curve Appetite – when you are hungry you need food, rather you need nutrients. Eating a bag of potato chips will fill you up for a moment, but will also leave scrounging for food within an hour of eating the chips. Drinking a nutrient packed smoothie not only fills you up, but leaves your body feeling refreshed.

10)   Look Amazing – hair, skin, nails etc. Yes, healthy on the inside means healthy on the outside. Adding a healthy smoothie to your diet is also a great addition to your beauty routine. Think of it this way – instead of applying a "potion" externally, nourish your cells internally by drinking concoctions that are overflowing with vitamins and minerals that will help establish health intestinal flora. Keeping your cells healthy from the inside – out helps them stay clear, radiant and beautiful!

How to Make your Diet Smoothies More Filling

So, we want our diet smoothies to be healthy, right? But, at the same time you want them to be filling, right? Ok, so the question is: how do you keep your smoothie light, healthy and easy?

Never fear! You can always change up the ingredient list just a little, and still keep it healthy as well as fairly low "calorie".

Check out some of our favorite “healthy” additions below:

Chia Seeds – when chia seeds are consumed the gel action involving the soluble and insoluble fiber leaves the body feeling fuller for longer; because, fiber helps  slow everything down giving the body a chance to realize that it is full.

Peanut Butter – oh yes! Life is not complete without a little peanut butter. A tablespoon of peanut butter will thicken up a smoothie in no time. Just before you add it make sure that your smoothie contains ingredients that mix well with peanut butter such as: banana, apples, celery etc…

*also make sure your peanut butter does not contain artificial colorings or flavorings. When you can…go natural!

Hemp Seeds – if you want to give your smoothie more fiber and a bucket full of omega 3s, just add a little hemp! Protein packed, nutrient packed – yep, it’s all good!

Diet Smoothies

Yes, diet smoothies can be yummy too! Healthy doesn’t mean gross, and these smoothie recipes can prove it! There are endless options when it comes to different combinations: banana and spinach or mango and kale! Oh, yeah...bring it on!

Check them out below:

Low Fat Smoothie Recipes

Low Calorie Smoothie Recipes

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