What does Free Radical Reaction Mean?

Great question! This may sound a bit strange, but a free radical reaction is a byproduct of our body’s metabolism and it's only when "gone unchecked" that it can cause destructive illnesses.

You’re probably thinking…why would our bodies produce something, which when in mass volume, could potentially be harmful to us? Excellent question, we will do our best to answer it below!

But before we go on let us say that free radicals are necessary for survival, performing tasks such as controlling blood flow etc… Our goal is not to eliminate them, but to keep them in check and in their proper boundaries under control where they are supposed to be!

When they grow unchecked is when they become dangerous, and they start to form what is called a: Free Radical Reaction - which we will explain below.

What is a Free Radical and how does it Work?

A free radical is any atom or molecule that is missing an electron in its outer shell – thus making it unhealthy, it's not complete.

Your body has atoms and electrons on the cellular level and each atom has a pair (two) electrons that go with it, thus making it a healthy cell.

The cell becomes a free radical when one of it's electrons goes missing; and therefore, it goes searching for the missing piece by stealing from the healthy cell next to it..

Hence the diagram to the right, and from there it starts a chain-like reaction called: The Free Radical Reaction, meaning one cell is stealing from the next, and the next from the next...

The “Free Radical Reaction” Explained

Now, the free radical (the unhealthy cell) is naturally looking around trying to repair itself. So, when an unstable atom comes in contact with a perfectly healthy one, it will most likely steal a much need electron, now making the once healthy cell, unhealthy.

Then right after that the unhealthy one turns around only to steal an electron from the next healthy cell (trying to repair itself) thus making the cell he just stole from unhealthy….etc – thus the term: Free Radical Reaction

Is it true that Free Radicals age us Faster?

If you want your skin to glow with health you can’t just do that from the outside. Putting it bluntly, healthy skin starts with a healthy gut. Yes, it’s true, your cells have to be healthy from the inside in order to radiate from the outside!

Free Radicals “gone wild” don’t help us stay looking younger for longer. Because, like we explained earlier, one unhealthy cell is stealing from the next trying to repair itself, and then that one he just stole from is stealing from the next trying to repair himself, and then he goes and steals from the next…thus the dominoes effect.

Keeping the free radicals in-check means the nutrients we eat are allowed to surface to the top to nourish our skin cells.

Remember, healthy gut = healthy skin

Antioxidants to keep Free Radicals in-check

Did you ever think it was possible for a free radical to be turned back into a harmless cell? How do you do that? By giving it an extra electron (one he doesn’t have to steal to get)

Where do we get extra electrons from?

Great question! The answer - from antioxidants!

Yes, antioxidants have the ability to donate an extra electron to free radicals that are missing one.

It’s important to remember that our bodies perform functions that naturally create free radicals. So, in moderation they are not bad or evil, but if the level of free radicals gets too high for the body, it can run into major problems.

So, keep them in-check with antioxidants!

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