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Oh yes, we kill two birds with one stone with fresh juice smoothies! Instead of fresh juice vs. smoothies...this page is all about combining the two.

Using fresh juice for the base of your smoothie is an excellent way to get the liquid vitamins from the juice and then fiber from the whole produce that you put in your blender – double whammy for sure!

First of All: What is Juicing?

Well, it’s extracting the juice from a fruit or vegetable separating the liquid from the fibrous pulp thus leaving behind a wonderfully beautiful fresh drink. Now, the “what is juicing” question brings us to the next question…Why Fresh Juice?

Why Fresh Juice?

Naturally, our bodies absorb and assimilate “food source” vitamins much better than when in the pill form, and by juicing (like we said earlier) it separates the liquid from the pulp (fiber). Fresh juice nourishes the body by providing vitamin-rich, easy to digest nutrition.

Which is Better: Fresh Juice or Smoothies?

We could play this game, but we choose not to, not because one is “better than the other” but because they are both good and your body can greatly benefit from both of these options – that’s why we put the two together!

Benefits of Fresh Juice…Explained

Whether you drink fresh juice regularly or only drink it occasionally it still has many health benefits.

Fresh pressed juice is like drinking liquid vitamins. It’s very helpful to the body because juice from raw fruits and vegetables requires little digestion, and because of that, the body can absorb and assimilate the juice’s vitamins, minerals, antioxidants or “live nutrients” more quickly and efficiently because little to no digestion is necessary – it’s just pure liquid vitamins!

For more information see: Benefits of Juicing

Benefits of Smoothies…Explained

Smoothies are quick and easy and just like fresh juice, they’re health too! Drinking healthy smoothies combines both fresh juice and fiber (the latter which is greatly lacking in the Standard American Diet).

This is a double whammy; because first of all, fresh juicing are very beneficial to the body and second of all fiber is one of the most important components of a person’s diet.

Blending up whole produce in your smoothie allows you receive both the vitamins from the juice as well as the fiber – it can do this because blending up whole produce breaks down the internal molecular in it thus releasing more nutrients and allowing the body to assimilate the vitamins, minerals and fiber better.

Use Fresh Juice as the Liquid Base for your Fresh Juice Smoothies!

We often use almond milk, yogurt, kefir etc… as the liquid base of our smoothies, but why not try fresh juice! Freshly juiced carrots, apples or even some greens will provide a nice liquid base that’s super vitamin packed.

Remember just a little goes a long way, a ½ cup of fresh juice will give a whole lot of flavor!

Fresh Juice Smoothie Recipes

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Need Tools for Juicing?

We have three recommendations stated below:

Black and Decker: if you don’t want to make a huge investment because you just want to try it out, then this is the juicer you will want. It’s a basic, masticating juicer that runs for about $35.

Breville: definitely an upgrade! This is a powerful machine with a larger tube to put your produce in – which makes it a little easier. This machine is also famous for making many ounces of juice in seconds. Runs anywhere from $300 to 400.

NorWalk: this one is definitely for the juicer pros! The Cadillac of all juicing machines with a two step process, this machine extracts the juice through a press rather than a blade. Runs about $2,500.

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