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Green Smoothie? Now don’t get scared away yet, they don’t necessarily taste bad – we promise! We get a lot people asking us: what’s so great about the new "green" fad? Actually a lot of things….we’ll start by answering your questions one by one!

Smoothies are the best way to consume greens in the Raw

Let’s face it, how many of you would eat a bunch of kale, parsley, celery or even spinach by itself? There maybe a few of you who would, but in reality, not many.

Green smoothies provide an excellent opportunity for you to consume large amounts of dark (leafy) greens in one serving.

And yes, green smoothies can taste good too. Most greens are mild in flavor (kale, spinach, celery ect…) so it is actually easier to hide them than most people think.

For example, by mixing 2 leaves of kale and 1 banana, you’ve done just what we’re talking about.

If you mixed a mild green with a dominate flavoring fruit, chances are you won’t even taste the kale, your drink will of course be green, but the dominate flavor of the banana will be the winning flavor!

Great source of Fiber

There is quite a bit of controversy over which is better: fresh green juices or fresh green smoothies? Honestly, we think you need both. You need the fresh juice for liquid vitamins and the smoothie for your fiber boost – which is very important.

Regular consumption of fiber is crucial to your health - it acts like a sponge, soaking up toxins left in your digestive tract and eliminating them from our body.

Fiber has no calories since it is not absorbed into the body; therefore, aiding in the process of weight-control and weight-less. Fiber acts as a bulking agent thus filling the stomach and satisfying hunger for longer.

That is why people are often satisfied with a breakfast smoothie for their morning meal!

They are very alkaline.

In order for our bodies to function properly, there must be a certain PH level that is maintained. (the PH level reflects the concentration of hydrogen ions in any given solution) This is measured on a scale of 1 to 14 with 7 being considered the perfect balance.

To make it more simple: when a person’s body becomes too acidic it means they are more prone to diseases and infections because there is not enough good bacteria to fight off the bad bacteria therefore the bad takes control.

When you have alkaline factor of 7 (the happy middle) this usually means the body is in a healthy state of being, meaning the good bacteria (probiotics, enzymes antioxidants …ect) are in control and can easily fight off the bad bacteria as it attempts to take over.

Most fruits and veggies are alkaline forming foods which are why a smoothie is a good choice.

If you are interested is a list of Alkaline Forming Foods click here , we often frequent this website and have found it very helpful.

Healthier skin, hair and nails

You’d be surprised, but adding a green smoothie to your diet is a great addition to your beauty routine.

Think of it this way: instead of applying a potion externally, nourish your cells internally by drinking concoctions that are overflowing with vitamins and minerals will help to establish the much need healthy intestinal flora that will keep your cells on the inside and out, looking clear, radiant and beautiful.

What makes a Green Smoothie Green?

Naturally, if you put greens in your smoothie it’s going to be green, but what gives it the green color?

Chlorophyll is actually responsible for the coloring in green leafy vegetables. The pigment not only turns the plant green, but also allows the plant to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and water into glucose which in turn makes energy for your body!

For more information see our What is Chlorophyll page

Is there such a thing as over doing it?

Great Question! One thing we try to push in everything we do on this website is: moderation. Too much of a good thing is not necessarily good. So proportions are important.

Remember to always rotate the green leaves you put in your smoothie. Almost all greens contain small amounts of what is called alkaloids.

Now tiny quantities of alkaloids cannot hurt you and will even strengthen the body’s immune system.

But consuming the same green such as kale (or any other type of green) for weeks and weeks without rotating can cause a buildup of alkaloids in the body’s system and can give unwanted symptoms of poisoning.

If you rotate your greens then you have nothing to worry about!

*Note that rotating fruit is not necessary; fruit contains very little to no alkaloids & cannot cause the same reaction. Although rotating your fruits will change the flavor it is not necessary to avoid alkaloids.

Different Types of Green Smoothies

1. Cabbage Smoothie Recipes

2. Cucumber Smoothie Recipes

3. Broccoli Smoothie Recipes

4. Kale Smoothie Recipes

5. Spinach Smoothie Recipes

Green Smoothie Recipes

Basil Mango/Superfood Smoothie

1 bunch of fresh basil (1/2 cup chopped)

2 romaine leaves

2 ripe mangoes

1 tbsp hemp powder

1 glass of water (about 12oz) *remember start with less you can always add more


Blend until smooth. Add ice as needed

Watermelon Delight Smoothie

1 bananas

2 cups watermelon

2 ½ cups kale

Add water and ice as needed


Blend until the desired consistency is reached

The Mustard Greens Smoothie

2 cups mustard greens

1 cup fresh spinach

1 banana

2 peaches

2 cup water (optional) *and remember start with less


Blend until smooth – if you need a sweeter taste you can add some berries!

Veggie Kiwi Smoothie

2 kiwis

2 cups of grapes

1 cup pineapple or orange juice or both!!!!!

1 cup kale or spinach


Blend until smooth. Ice is really nice in this smoothie but remember it’s best to start with less!!!

Kale Smoothie

2 cups milk - you can also use almond milk

1 handful of berries – you choose what kind

1 ½ frozen bananas

1 ½ tbsp honey

1 large handful kale (preferably organic)


Blend until smooth. Be sure to blend this smoothie well to blend the kale well!!! Enjoy!

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