About Guava Fruit

Ok, we know guava fruit is a little on the exotic side, but it is really delicious! Most people are not very familiar with this type of fruit, so first of all: what is a Guava Fruit?

What is Guava?

Guava is amazing. It grows on an evergreen tree that can reach up to 33 feet in height with leaves that are leathery in texture, yet beautiful in color.

The guava starts out as a little white flower on the tree that then matures into a beautiful well rounded fruit, ready to be picked!

Health Benefits of Guava Fruit

Dietary Fiber – guava is an excellent source of soluble fiber, which puts it in the category for being a good bulk laxative. Making sure that you get enough dietary fiber everyday is crucial for a healthy digestive tract.

Ask your doctor what the recommended amount is for your body type, and try to incorporate that into your diet! Guavas can help you do that!

Antioxidants – yes, guavas contain vitamin C and vitamin A, both are very powerful antioxidants! Vitamin C is an important element to everybody's health – it helps the body fight infections! Vitamin A is needed by the body to help maintain healthy skin and healthy eyes!

Potassium – is an electrolyte, it helps keep the body hydrated and helps the muscles stay nice and relaxed and happy! Potassium in an important element for almost all metabolic functions in the body – this mineral is essential in helping to support vital organs! And fresh guava is an excellent source of potassium!

Magnesium – another important mineral! You need to consume magnesium through your food source; because, the body cannot make it, and you guessed it! Eating guavas is a great way to consume magnesium! This mineral helps to relax different nerves and muscles!

Guava Smoothies

A guava smoothie sounds interesting! Oh, yes, it is the bomb! Put an extra tropical twist in your smoothie by throwing an exotic fruit like a guava into your blender! You will love it!

Check out our smoothie recipes "guava style" in the link below:

Guava Smoothie Recipes

How to Eat Guava

Guava is a unique fruit! Which makes it a little challenging to figure out how to eat it, but no worries…follow the steps below, and you will be a guava-eating pro in no time!

Step 1 – thoroughly rinse your guava under cool running water. Get any and all dirt off of it!

Step 2 – remove any bruised places with a paring knife, be careful!

Step 3 – Cut your guava in half crossways, and remove the seeds with a spoon! Now, it is ready to eat plain or ready to be blended up in a smoothie!

Some people do not find the rind of a guava very pleasant to eat, although you can, and it is very nutritious. Enjoy your guava!

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