The Health Benefits of Carrots make your Smoothie Even Better!

Have you ever thought to think about the health benefits of carrots, other than the fact that they are good the eyes? You know that saying: “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” well, that can pretty much be said about carrots too!

Carrots will add a new element of nutrition to your smoothies and their flavor can either be nicely complemented or easily dominated. It’s one of those mild veggies that is slightly sweet.

See, carrots aren’t just for rabbits!

Carrot Nutrition Facts (Vitamin A)

This fresh root vegetable is just loaded up with lots of beta-carotene, which the body converts in to vitamin A which ultimately lead to good eye health.

But first of all, what is beta-carotene?

Beta-Carotene is a group of natural chemicals (also known as carotenes) responsible for the orange color in most fruit and vegetables….to name a few: sweet potatoes, pumpkins and naturally carrots.

But your produce does not have to be orange to contain this antioxidant others include:

• Broccoli

• Lettuce

• Green peppers

• And most dark greens

There have been some studies done that conclude that beta-carotene may have a good effect on the immune system as well as functioning as an anti-carcinogenic. And by anti-carcinogenic we mean protecting the body from damaging molecules as known as free radicals which are cancer causing substances.

So, why do our bodies need Vitamin A?

Vitamin A is needed for good eye vision and overall eye health, healthy skin, as well as for a strong immune system. However, there is a caution; large amounts of vitamins A in supplement form (pill) can to toxic.

The body only converts as much vitamin A as it needs from foods that contain high beta-carotene levels. So, you can't over dose on beta-carotene in the form of foods, your body will only convert what it needs.

Getting vitamin A this way is just one of the reasons why discovering the many health benefits of carrots is so fun!

Besides a Smoothie, How else can I incorporate Carrots into my Diet?

Now, it’s just appalling that you want to eat carrots in any other way than in a smoothie, but sometimes we have to take the hard reality not everything can be a bad!

You can enjoy the Health Benefits of Carrots in a…

Salads - When not in a smoothie, carrots are really fun to shred up on top of a salad, because they are naturally sweet and add a little extra sweetness to a salad.

That’s another thing to remember because carrots are naturally sweet, so if you do want to sweeten something up just add a little carrot.

Steam/Boil – you can either gently steam or boil them with a nice sauce.

Stir Fry – or you can throw them into a stir fry. Cut them into lengthwise halves or quarters, throw some onions, peppers maybe some beef strips…oh, and don’t forget the spices!!! Add some oil them maybe a splash of soy sauce/lime juice. Make it your own

Carrot Smoothie Recipes

The Ultimate Health Benefits of Carrots Smoothie

1 apple - seeded

1 cup fresh spinach

2 apricots

2 whole carrots

½ cup water

Add ice as needed


Blend in your blend until smooth and enjoy!

Carrot Apple Smoothie

1 whole carrot

1 apple – seeded

1 banana

½ cucumber

1 cup milk - you can also use almond milk

Add ice as needed


Blend in your blender until smooth and enjoy!

Mango Carrot Smoothie

1 mango

1 whole carrot

½ cup pineapple

½ cup water

Add ice as needed


Blend in your blender until smooth and enjoy!

Strawberry Carrot Peach Smoothie

1 whole carrot

1 fresh peach – pitted

6 strawberries – fresh or frozen

½ cup yogurt

1 tbsp flax seed oil

Add ice as needed


Blend in your blender until smooth and enjoy!

Pineapple Carrot Smoothie

¾ cup fresh chopped pineapple

1/3 fresh orange juice

1 whole carrot

½ banana

Add ice as needed


Blend in your blender until smooth and enjoy!

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