Discover the Amazing Health Benefits of Chlorella in your Smoothie!

Discovering the health benefits of chlorella in a smoothie is really fun! Yes, the smoothie will be GREEN and yes it’s YUMMY! That might sound a little bit like a paradox; but really, you can make delicious green smoothies, and if you spin it right you won’t be able to taste the “green”!

The color will be there, but the taste will be simply amazing.

About Chlorella

Chlorella is a type of single-celled, fresh water algae that is very beneficial to human health because of its antiviral and antibacterial properties. Chlorella is literally “the blood” in all green plants – it allows the plant to convert sunlight into energy.

Chlorella is the world’s highest source of chlorophyll, and knowing that means that chlorella possess amazing detoxifying properties which benefits every part of the body especially the liver.

What’s the Difference between Chlorella and Chlorophyll?

Great question! Chlorophyll is the pigment in the plant that gives the plant its green color, while chlorella is literally “the blood” in all green plants that allows the plant to convert sunlight into energy.

One cannot exist without the other, they work together as a team to provide amazing health benefits. Chlorella contains chlorophyll.

Specific Health Benefits of Chlorella

Great Detoxifier – chlorella supports the body’s natural defense system by detoxifying organs such as the liver, colon etc… so that they can properly function. It aids greatly in the removal of heavy metals like: mercury, dioxin and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) Chlorella effectively binds the toxins together and ushers them out of the body.

Supports Good Blood Sugar –chlorella has been shown to help normalize blood sugar levels as well as helping tame hypoglycemia. It does this by supporting/balancing liver and pancreatic functions, which are two major organ that need to be healthy in order to have good blood sugar levels.

Supports Digestion – chlorella promotes the production of healthy flora, also known as probiotics. The proper amount of probiotics in the gut is necessary for a healthy digestive tract. That is why eating food(s) that contain a high probiotic content is very smoothing to the gut.

Can you Enjoy the Health Benefits of Chlorella in a Smoothie?

Absolutely! Smoothies are a great way to incorporate chlorella into your diet. You can easily slip a teaspoon into your blender for some added nutrition. Now, chlorella will definitely turn your smoothie green; however, it won’t affect the taste. So if you can get over the “green look” you should be set and ready to go!

Enjoy our Chlorella Smoothie Recipes

What we Recommend

For Chlorella: we recommend the powder form since it’s easier to add to your smoothie although if you are on the "go" tablets might be nice to have on hand.

When buying chlorella be sure to get a brand that features a broken or cracked cell wall – this means, they have taken the tough, indigestible portion of the cell wall and broken it so that your body can readily absorb the nutrients found inside.

Remember to take the serving size recommended for you, and to consult your doctor if you have any question.

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