Healthy Breakfast Ideas!

A healthy breakfast! Have you ever thought of making a breakfast comprised entirely of just fruits and vegetables? It probably isn’t your “norm”, but yes it is possible, and delicious!

Think about starting your day off with nothing but nutrition! By the time 5 o’clock rolls around you won’t be ready to “hit the sack” you will be ready to “hit the town”!

How to Put Breakfast in a Smoothie

It’s easy! Let’s break it down into parts! Check out the basics below:

  • Liquid
  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Ice
  • Additive (could be: protein powder, etc…) *optional

That’s it! If you have a liquid base, a solid…of some sort, and ice - it should turn like a smoothie!

How to Make a Breakfast Smoothie More Filling

So, we want a healthy-breakfast, right? But we also want it to be filling, right? Ok, so the question is: how do you eat healthy and stay full? Good question!

You can always add “healthy additives” to your smoothie, and still keep it a healthy breakfast.  Below are a few options we enjoy!

Oatmeal – is a classic breakfast, and yes you can easily add a ¼ cup of oats to your smoothie to help fill you up! To keep it healthy, we recommend the old fashion rolled oats over instant oats. The old fashion rolled oats are less processed and better for you.

Granola – if you use a whole grain/organic granola you can still keep your smoothie on the healthy side. This is a great additive because it adds substance to your drink as well as an interesting crunchy texture.

Goji Berries – are a great way to turn your already healthy smoothie into an antioxidant packed smoothie. These little berries are a great snack by themselves, but can also be added to your smoothie for a little kick.

Peanut Butter – oh yes! Life is not complete without a little peanut butter. A tablespoon of peanut butter will thicken up a smoothie in no time. Just before you add it make sure that your smoothie contains ingredients that mix well with peanut butter such as: banana, apples, celery etc…

Protein Powder – is another great option to add to your breakfast smoothie! If you want to kick start your mornings add a scoop of protein powder and GO!

Healthy Smoothies for Breakfast...Anyone?

Absolutely! Yes, start your day off right with an energy packed nutrition bomb! Smoothies offer really flexible options.

Anything from a protein smoothies to green smoothies to dessert smoothies to a yummy breakfast smoothies! Your choice!

Check out our Quick and Easy Breakfast Smoothies below:

Quick and Easy Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Recipes

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