Healthy Smoothies

A lot of people don’t like the sound of “healthy smoothies” but don’t turn your nose up at them just yet; we’ve got a few things to show you.

Now, eating healthfully while indulging in a delicious concoction may seem like a paradox, but if you spin it right – it’s not bad!

You can indulge in a wonderfully healthy drink that is absolutely delicious as well.

Smoothies on the Go…

Everything is on the go these days: technology, fast food and wait for it…now healthy smoothies are the go too!

Yes, these drinks can be quick and hassle free too. With only a few ingredients you can whip up a gourmet concoction in no time. Check out our simple smoothie recipes page.

Another awesome thing about health drinks on the go is: that you can consume more fruits and vegetables in the raw form. This is great because when your produce is eaten raw (uncooked) the enzymes are left intact. (cooking the produce destroys the enzymes)

What do Enzymes have to do with Healthy Smoothies?

Your body has enzymes in it already, you were born with them. When we eat raw foods it helps take the burden off of your own body’s digestive enzymes.

Let’s put it this way: You have a storehouse of enzymes in your body, but let’s say you eat some cooked food, now your body has to use some of the enzymes from its storehouse to digest the food that is now in your body that doesn’t contain any enzymes.

So, your body pulls from its storehouse and uses some of the enzymes to digest the cooked food you just ate. If you can see the pattern over time your body is being slowly depleted of enzymes – which for overall health could be detrimental.

Your body has enzymes to digest cook and uncooked food, the difference is: uncooked food (raw food) brings its own enzymes with it, and through smoothies you can up your raw food intake which also ups your enzymes intake!

How to Make Healthy Smoothies taste Good?

We know, you think of healthy, and you think of nasty tasting greens. But here’s the beauty, healthy doesn’t have to mean gross!

Just so we’re are on the same page here, our definition of a healthy smoothie is: a drink that feeds the body good, high quality nutrition!

To turn a not so yummy smoothie into a deliciously creamy smoothie takes a little creativity, but that’s it!

If you have a leafy not so smoothie, not so sweet smoothie, add a frozen banana and a tablespoon of honey, that usually will sweeten it up and smoothen it right out!

If you want the play with the flavor: sweet/tangy throw a kiwi in the blender, or if you want to tone a really sweet smoothie down, just add a few greens to tone down your smoothie as well as add nutritional value to it.

Superfood Additives

Goji Berries are a great way to turn your already healthy smoothie into an antioxidant packed smoothie.

Flax Seed Oil is a good source of healthy omega 3 fatty acids. Just a tablespoon of flax seed oil or flax powder to your smoothie will give the omega 3’s a leg-up.

Chia Seeds are an excellent source of dietary fiber. You will probably want to soak them a bit, before adding them to your smoothie, to soften them up. Chia contains: fiber, protein as well as essential fatty acids.

Hemp Seeds or hemp protein powder is also an excellent source of protein. It’s said that hemp contains almost all of the essential vitamins and minerals the body contain in just one little seed.

Chilling your Healthy Smoothie

There’s nothing like a cold, creamy, just right, smoothie…right? So here are two of our most favorite ways to chill our smoothies. Check them out!

• Frozen Fruit – if you don’t want to use ice just freeze your fruit before blending it up. It will give your smoothie the same cold creamy consistency just with less water.

• Ice – or you can add plain ice. If you need a quick chiller fix this is the best way to do it.

Protein Smoothie Additives

Sun Warrior Protein Powder – with supergreens and active vitamins and minerals this protein powder is a great faw organic option that taste delicious but will also give you energy. Sun Warrior has two options’ they have a warrior blend as well as a superfood protein. We have used both and think they make equally great protein smoothies.

Vega Protein Powder – this is a clean plant-based protein with good wholesome nutrition. Natural, quality ingredients will keep you healthy active lifestyle yummy.

Vega has many different types of protein powder, (sport protein, and protein one) but for everyday life we use the Vega ONE which comes in all different flavors. (our favorite is chocolate)

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