Maca Nutrients – Explained

Maca Nutrients - Micro-Nutrients

Iron – is absolutely essential for the transportation of oxygen to cells for new cell growth. It is a part of the hemoglobin which is the oxygen-carrying component of the blood. People who are deficient in iron often tire easily because their bodies are being deprived of oxygen due to lack of iron.

Manganese – this mineral plays out many different roles in the body. For one it helps with the absorption of other minerals like: magnesium which helps the body assimilate calcium. Manganese also aids the digestive tract in the proper functioning of the absorption of fats that take place during the digestive period.

Maca Nutrient - Minerals

Maca Powder

Calcium – maca root has a higher concentration of calcium than milk…WOW! Calcium is absolutely indispensible the nervous system, bones and teeth as well as the circulatory functions. Of all the things calcium does for the body the most popular of all is: bone health! This mineral keeps them strong, healthy and happy.

The daily recommended intake of calcium for men and women is 1,000mg for 19 years and older with every two teaspoons of maca powder containing 25mg of calcium

Potassium – acts as an electrolyte in the body, and is responsible for helping to maintain a healthy: heart, brain, kidney and muscle tissue. When there is a deficiency of potassium in the body it can result in fatigue, inactive reflexes, headaches, weak muscles as well as anemia. This mineral is the ultimate cell supporter. *Note that the intake of potassium tablet supplements should be under the supervision of a doctor.

The daily recommended intake for men and women is 2,000mg for 19 years and older with every two teaspoons of maca powder containing 215mg of potassium.

Maca Nutrient - Vitamins

B vitamins – are essential to the body in the production of energy. B vitamins act as “helpers” when it’s time for the body to turn the food we have eaten into energy.

This is often the reason you’ll see energy drink on the market with their selling line being: “high B vitamin content”. This may be true, but before you buy them be sure they are not “synthetic B vitamins”. Because you will want the most wholesome, natural sources of B vitamin(s) you can find for optimal health.

Maca powder is one of the purest sources of B vitamins will find. Below is a list of the B’s form(s) it contains:

  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B2
  • Niacin
  • Vitamin B6
  • Riboflavin

Vitamin C – is an antioxidant that works to neutralize the damaging effects that free radicals have on the body. It assists the body in regenerating cells such as: skin cells, blood vessels, bones, cartilage and more.

Ways to Utilize Maca Nutrients

In order for you to get the full benefit of maca nutrients you must consume it – that’s the fun part! Maca comes is the form of a powder, which is very easy to incorporate it into our diets in many ways! Here are some below:

Salads – take a teaspoon of maca powder and mix it in with your salad dressing before putting it on your salad, this will need flavor as well nutrition.

Smoothies – are one if the easiest ways to add maca to your diet, just add a teaspoon to your blender, and done – there you have a superfood maca smoothie

Sprinkle – just sprinkle it on whatever recipe you feel like adding it to. Maca has the ability to your normal meal up a notch to the superfood meal level!

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