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The Importance of Protein


Well, if you stop to think about it, protein is actually a part of every cell in your body, and no other nutrient plays as many different roles in keeping you alive and healthy.

When you workout for example protein is an essential part of the growth and repair of those muscles – your body uses protein for energy!

Contrary to what people think, when you have an infection you should actually consume more protein, because the antibodies contained in the protein are necessary for the immune system to fight disease.

How much Protein is Enough?

Some people think you need a lot (a lot) of protein, but thankfully, the body actually recycles protein from the tissues that break down, and then it uses it to make new ones.

So, while we do need protein in our diets, we don’t need it in excess. The typical diet shouldn’t need more than 10% to 15% of your total calories from protein.

What are the Best Protein Powders to use?

In your search for protein powders you will find that they are made out of all kinds of thing, but the most common are: whey, plant-based and soy.

If you type a google search about what types of protein powders to use, all types of things will come up. So, what you need to do is evaluate what your body needs and go from there.

Whey – is a dairy based protein, it is a by-product of cheese, and because America eats a lot of cheese there is plenty of whey to go around. This option is a fairly economical one, although if you are lactose or dairy intolerant we would you staying away from this option due to the dairy content.

Soy – this is a dairy free option, which offers a high protein content. Although a good option when used in moderation we are not very fond of soy protein, although there are some pros to soy there also are some cons that come with over-doing it. (which is easy to do because soy is in most everything)

Planted Based – this one is our most absolute favorite! A plant based protein powder is a great way to turn your smoothie into an alkalizing smoothie! We like them because they as less toxic and contain way more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Remember to Keep it Basic

Whatever type of protein you choose just remember to keep it simple. The idea is to add protein to your diet; you don’t need a protein powder with so many additives that it taxes your system more than it helps.

If you listen to them, people can talk you into buying fancy, over priced powders that have no benefit to your system at all – just remember simple wholesome ingredients is the best you can do and your body will thank you for the nutrition by giving you energy!

Protein Smoothies

Smoothies are classic when it comes to protein! After a hard workout, when you body need it the most, they are a great way to get nutrition in fast. Have a protein smoothie for breakfast to get you started off on the right foot or for a snack for a quick energy fix – either way protein smoothies still rock!

Have fun with our Protein Smoothie Recipes.

What we Recommend

Sun Warrior

We are fans of plant based protein and we will share with you two of our favorites that we have had great success with.

Vega Protein Powder – this is a clean plant-based protein with good wholesome nutrition. Natural, quality ingredients will keep you healthy active lifestyle yummy.

Vega has many different types of protein powder, (sport protein, and protein one) but for everyday life we use the Vega ONE which comes in all different flavors. (our favorite is chocolate)

Sun Warrior Protein Powder – with supergreens and active vitamins and minerals this protein powder is a great raw organic option that taste delicious but will also give you energy. Sun Warrior has two options as well; they have a warrior blend and a superfood protein. We have used both and think they make equally great protein smoothies.

For recipes using the Different Sun Warrior Flavors - check out the links below:

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