Superfood Products...Why Use Them?

First of all: what are superfoods?

Superfood products: are nutrient-dense, whole foods that specialize in a high concentration of: antioxidants, vitamins, minerals as well as phyonutrients (and many others). In order for a food to be labeled a “superfood” it must offer health benefits that are above and beyond the normal nutritional value of regular food.

Even though superfoods are healthy and very nutritious for you, they should never replace or substitute your daily intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, rather think of them as an addition to an already healthy diet for optimal health.

Why Superfood’s?

We need good quality, fresh food to truly eat healthfully, right? Maybe you have organic options or you know the farmer (and his methods), but for most people this isn’t practical or it is just too hard to find.

It is not easy to get an adequate amount of nutrition from the foods we eat, even if we are eating our fruits and veggies every day…why? Because eating conventionally grown produce is not as nutritious as it once was, the soil has been depleted and chemicals and pesticides are used to grow the food – thus depleting the nutrients. Now we recognize conventionally grown produce is better than none at all, but when given the chance, and if the budget allows: go organic.

Superfoods are a great addition to anyone’s diet because they offer a level of nutrition that is not found in conventionally or organically grown produce. These foods are specifically grown to maximize their nutritional value; therefore, making them far more nutritionally superior.

About Different Superfood Products

Superfoods are considered to be some of the healthiest foods you can eat due to their much higher-nutrient-to-calorie ratio than other foods.

Below we have matched up a few different types of superfoods with different health benefits:

Fruit Superfoods – there a quite a few exotic superfruits out there. They are characteristically known for their rich antioxidant content.

Fruits and plants use phytochemicals (which come from their skin) as well as their antioxidant content to protect themselves against the suns rays which can cause free radical damage. When we eat these foods, they do the same for our bodies – their antioxidant properties fight against free radical damage inside the human body.

Green Superfoods – are known for having the highest concentration of easily digestible nutrients such as: vitamins and minerals.

Green superfoods are very rich in chlorophyll, which is the pigment that gives the plants their green color. Studies show that once consumed, chlorophyll has the ability to increase the production of hemoglobin in the blood, which means more oxygen rich blood.

Seaweed Superfoods – are some of the most nutritionally dense foods because they alkalinize the blood which protects the body from toxins such as: harmful salts, heavy metal, mercury etc, it can do this because the chemical composition of seaweed is very close to the human blood plasma.

Also the high concentration of iodine that seaweed superfood’s contain help to stimulate the thyroid glands so that the food we eat is turned into energy versus turned into fat deposits.

Superfood Smoothie Recipes – Oh yeah!

Smoothies are hands-down the best way to get nutrition into your body fast. Adding superfoods to your smoothie is a great way to turn your everyday fruit smoothie into a nutrient-dense smoothie that is packed-out with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, phyonutrients, etc…that you wouldn’t get otherwise.

The possibilities with smoothies are just about endless and for that reason getting started can be just a little overwhelming, but no worries, that where we come in!

Below we have recipes with step-by-step instructions for you to follow to get you started in ways you can incorporate superfood products into your diet.

1. Goji Berry Smoothies

2. Flax Seed Oil Smoothies

3. Hemp Seed Smoothies

4. Chia Seed Smoothies

5. Maca Root Smoothies

Advantages to Superfoods

You get the “bang for your buck” – little serving = high nutritional content. That old saying “big things come in small packages” well, it’s true. A single tablespoon can serve up to three times the amount of antioxidants that a typical serving of fruits or vegetables would normally have.

You Avoid Pesticides – most superfoods are exclusively grown organically or wild harvested therefore you avoid the high levels of pesticides that are typically found in conventionally grown produce.

Long Shelf Life – most superfood products are sold in vacuum sealed bags making the storage of them easier and their shelf longer.

Room Service – you can have them delivered right to your door. Online shopping has made it so that all you have to do is open the door!

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