Tropical Smoothies? Not Much Can Beat it!!!

Tropical smoothies have a reputation for bursting with flavor! They are a great escape from the “norm” because you can just throw in a mango here and a pomegranate there!

And boy when you do that, they are delicious!

Tropical-smoothies are fun and attractive, with their bright colors they make excellent party smoothies.

Using exotic fruits in your tropical concoction will definitely keep things new and exciting, giving it an unexpected flavorful sensation!

Fruits that Blend well together

Choosing fruits that blend well together will set the tone of your smoothie. If you want tangy, but sweet, maybe sharp with a little bit of a bite, but at the same time soft – then it is all about playing with the flavors and textures!

Below are some combinations to help you get started:

Pineapple and Mango – these two fruits go very well together; because, you have the overpowering tangy/sweet pineapple, then to balance it out you have the creaminess/sweetness of the mango

Pomegranates and Bananas – you might not normally think of this combination, but they go great together. If you are not sure about how some of these combinations will turn out, just remember you can always pair an exotic fruit with a more normal fruit and you should be good.

Kiwi and Strawberry – ever tried this kind before? It is exotic, but yummy! The flavors bounce off of each other nicely. You have the tanginess of the kiwi then the sweetness of the strawberry! Go for it!

Bananas and Peaches – it is definitely tame, but at the same time it has a nice kick to it. Bananas in general are great for giving a smoothie that rich creaminess, and peaches will sweeten anything right up!

Coconut Water – if you are looking for a nice liquid base (besides water) but one that has many health benefits, but you also want it to have a tropical twist: coconut water is the real deal!

A List of Popular Tropical Flavors

1. Mango – one of our favorites

2. Pomegranate – another one of our favorites

3. Peaches – because of the brightness in their color

4. Coconut – definitely a tropical staple

5. Lemons – for a tangy smoothie

6. Limes - also for a tangy flavor

7. Pineapple – probably one of the most popular fruits out there for tropical smoothies

8.Kiwi – they play with the tangy and sweet flavors that make it fun

9. Guava – not a very popular fruit, but has a unique taste to it

10. Strawberry - a classic and the list goes on…

It is fun to play with the flavors anywhere from tangy to sweet – it is your choice!

Tropical Smoothies + Exotic Health Benefits

Through tropical concoctions your body can receive the health benefits of fruits (and veggies) that you would not otherwise get. It is not easy to peel a pomegranate or a kiwi and just eat it. No, but you can put it in a smoothie!

Exotic fruits that we do not normally eat come with a whole host of health benefits that we would not receive if we do not consume these types of produce.

With smoothies you can make all kinds of concoctions and easily try new things (meaning ingredients). Switch it up, give your body different kinds of fruits and vegetables each day, so that it can absorb the vitamins and minerals that different types of produce have to offer!

Interesting Tropical Combination Smoothie Recipes

Below are recipes that have a little bit of everything in them! Enjoy!

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7. Pina Colada Smoothie Recipes

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