What are Enzymes?

What are Enzymes? Excellent question! Every human body contains them, needs and uses them, but really, what are enzymes? This article, we hope, will answer all of your questions and then some!

Naturally, let’s start at ground zero...

What are Enzymes – Explained

Enzymes are substances that make life possible. Without them it would take our gut (digestive tract) up to several weeks to digest food we eat. Our nerves, bones and muscles would not be functioning properly; therefore, we would not be living long!

In farther detail, enzymes are energized protein molecules that are necessary for everyday life. Basically, their job is to run and regulate most all of the biochemical reactions that happen within the human body – pretty important job, huh?

Looking at digestive enzymes, for example, they turn the food we eat into energy thus giving our bodies the fuel it needs to function.

For a more detailed explanation, check out our page on How do Enzymes Work?

Different Types of Enzymes

There are many different enzymes because there are so many different jobs that are performed to keep the human body healthy and strong – enzymes play a major role.

There are three major ones, and they are listed below:

1. METABOLIC ENZYMES – are primarily in charge of the energy production in the body. They also help with the detoxification process at the body on the cellular level.

2. FOOD ENZYMES – occur naturally in food, mostly in plants – raw food. Our bodies do not have the capability of make these; we receive them from the food we eat. That’s why it is important to eat raw fruits and veggies because when cooked enzymes are destroyed by heat.

3. DIGESTIVE ENZYMES – assist in breaking down the food we eat so that our bodies can better absorb the nutrients.

Can I get Enzymes from Fruits and Vegetables?

Yes, eating raw fruits and vegetables will definitely provide enzymes that will aid in the body’s digestive process. Variety is also important because different fruits and vegetables contain different enzymes - you need ALL OF THEM, so eating all different varieties are very beneficial to your health.

Naturally, like with anything, over time things will eventually wear down especially with the “standard American diet”. Although our organs do produce certain types of enzymes they don’t produce all of them; therefore, it is important to consume fresh fruits and vegetables to replace the ones we have used.

Let’s put it this way: the more you use your enzyme potential without replacing it, the faster it is going to run out.

Why Eat Raw?

We say eat your fruits and veggies raw because enzymes are killed by heat. Eating cooked food doesn’t’ send reinforcements down to your enzyme storehouse.

If you eat a diet that only consist of primarily cooked foods, the liver, stomach and intestines have to come to the rescue to furnish the “much needed” enzymes to digest the cooked food. This is an extra burden that is put on the organs that shouldn’t be there in the first place.

These organs can and will come to the rescue, but at a price. They are designed to do one job and that’s their job not their job and someone else’s job. That is why we must make sure we are getting plenty of enzymes through at least some raw food daily.

What foods can I get Enzymes from?

Any type of raw food will contain enzymes, so you can’t go wrong with that. Below are three of the most enzyme-rich foods, but remember enzymes are in all raw foods these are just exceptionally rich.




Truth is: that all raw foods have a plentiful store of enzymes, some more than others, but never the less they still have enzymes.

We hope we have answered the question: what are enzymes? And we also hope you found this article helpful.

What do Enzymes have to do with Smoothies?

Well, the short answer is lots. Smoothies are a great way to sneak many fruits and vegetables that are extremely enzyme-rich into your diet.

Starting with berry smoothies and ending somewhere with green smoothies – we love them all!

What are enzymes doing in a smoothie? The answer...helping to promote healthy digestion as well as providing essential enzymes for optimal overall health.

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