What is Chlorophyll?

What is Chlorophyll: chlorophyll is the pigment in green plants that gives them their dark green color. This green pigment works within the plant, allowing it to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and water into glucose – thus producing energy!

How does Chlorophyll Work within our Bodies?

Plants use chlorophyll as a “body cleanser” to neutralize the toxins it comes in contact with – it operates in a similar fashion once consumed and in our bodies by neutralizing the toxins in the blood thus purifying it.

Chlorophyll helps stimulate the red blood cells by improving the circulation of oxygen around the body making it a vitally important component in the growth of healthy red blood cells.

Because it is such a good friend to the red blood cells by default it also aids in the maintenance of tissues and helps to heal wounds quickly.

Take note: when the red blood cells are in good shape, most everything else is in good shape too!

Health Benefits of Chlorophyll

Have you ever heard the saying: “greens inside, cleans the inside” Well, it’s pretty much true. You heal the outside by healing the inside first. Below are a few health benefits that chlorophyll has to offer.

Healthy Liver

Everything we eat, breathe, touch, absorb etc… will be refined and/or detoxified by our liver, that is why eating healthfully and supporting this vital organ is essential for optimal health.

Chlorophyll is very helpful in the detoxification process. It not only cleans the liver, but also helps to protect it (and the rest of the body) from carcinogens by neutralizing their harmful effects.

Healthy Blood

Chlorophyll naturally has a cleansing effect on the blood stream, restoring red blood cells to the system, reducing the chances of anemia. By stimulating the blood flow’s oxygen levels it naturally increases/stimulates the production of red blood cells.

It is very important to keep your red blood cells healthy because they are the ones that unload oxygen to various parts of the body.

What foods contain Chlorophyll?

Since chlorophyll is responsible for the (pigment) dark green color in our produce, you can be assured that any dark leafy green contains chlorophyll. Such as:

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Chlorophyll-rich Smoothie Recipes

The Green Bomb

4 kale leaves – remove stems

½ lime, juiced

1 apple – cored and seeded

1 cup water/milk/almond milk - which ever one you want

Ice as needed


Blend in your blender until smooth and enjoy!

Lettuce Smoothie

5 long lettuce leaves

1 celery stick

1 mango – pitted

1 cup milk or water – you can also use almond milk

½ avocado – pitted

1 tbsp flax seed oil *optional


Blend in your blender until smooth and enjoy!

Mint-y Smoothie

1 handful of lettuce leaves

1 handful of mint

1 ½ cups water

1 ½ bananas

Ice as needed


Blend in your blender until smooth and enjoy!

Pineapple with a Hint of “Green” Smoothie

1 cup pineapple

1 banana

1 ½ sticks of celery

1 handful of swiss chard (green)

Ice as needed


Blend in your blender until smooth and enjoy! What is Chlorophyll

A Little bit of Everything Smoothie

1 cup spinach

¼ inch ginger

½ lemon, juiced

½ cucumber

1 stick celery

2 pears – pitted

1 cup water

Ice as needed


Blend in your blender until smooth and enjoy! What is Chlorophyll

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